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Our manufacturing facility is equipped with advanced automated electronic manufacturing equipment operated by a skilled team of technicians and operators regulated within a formal quality management system.

The development of new products and sub-systems is performed by highly experienced electronic engineers, supported by test & measurement equipment and computer aided engineering software. Design assurance is provided by business processes which have been optimised over the years to enable efficient and high quality consistent outputs.


Corporate Governance

We have a solid corporate culture and conduct ourselves with integrity and sound business ethics, in a professional, able and responsive manner, with a positive, friendly, fair and respectful attitude. We strive to comply with the respective legislation and regulations concerning employees, environmental protection and labour safety and to work towards reducing detrimental effects on humans and the environment.

A majority Black owned company, Parsec is currently rated as a Level 3 Contributor, implying a Procurement Recognition level of 110%. We are classified as a Value Adding Supplier with a value added multiplier of 1.25, as well as an Empowering Supplier, indicating that the company complies with at least three of the four Empowering Supplier criteria.